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American Idol- Top 24

As I did last year (when I explained in depth why I actually enjoy this cheesy show), I am going to once again give weekly rankings on how I think the contestants on American Idol did and also some predictions on who I think will be eliminated each week. In judging these, I am going strictly on the basis of their vocal performance and vocal performance only from that week's round.

Some quick thoughts--- I think American Idol was wrong to already pigeonhole the contestants in these early rounds into a "theme." They should have just sang what they wanted to at this stage, as they always have in the past, in order to best showcase their talents. Besides, for "60's Week", I am not sure that all of the songs were even from the decade, certainly not 1957's "Jailhouse Rock." Apparently, they only have 50 songs to chose from as well, which is why we heard the guys and girls sing a couple of the same songs. On those, the girls did better this week.

But by having this kind of theme, the producers seem to be trying to influence who is going to advance and who is not. That factor also appears to be in play by the order in which they performed this week. During a two hour show, it is a huge disadvantage to have to go first, while performing towards the end, right before the people can start voting, is a big advantage.

Anyways, here is how I ranked the guys' performances from Tuesday night from best to worst:

1. Michael Johns- certainly the most seasoned performer. He, like a surprising number of contestants this year aren't exactly "unknowns" getting their first chance at stardom. I don't particularly have a problem with people like him and the others being on the show, but we should keep that in mind.

2. Jason Castro- I am surprised he did as well as he did, even though I do not really care for the song. Being the first contestant to play an instrument in competition was a good move on his part. Fidel Castro is leaving the scene and Jason Castro has arrived!

3. Robbie Carrico- former pop group member and Britney Spears opening act was far more cogent this week than his rumored ex-girlfriend

4. David Archuleta- I actually remember when he was on Star Search a few years back. Probably the most naturally talented performer in the competition. I do not think he did as well as the others above this week, but he is only 17, and for a whole variety of reasons, not the least of which being the Mormon bloc vote (now that Mitt Romney is out), I think he has to be considered the favorite already to win American Idol. The people who vote for this show (and I am not one of them) are going to absolutely love him from week to week. I sort of wonder how much of his wide eyed and giggly persona is just an act, but if it is, I think he is a pretty good actor. It is going to be a good year for him. He is probably the male (and much shorter) version of Jordin Sparks.

5. Garrett Haley- can he pass a drug test is what I want to know.

6. Colton Berry- Yes, he looks very much like Ellen DeGeneres.

7. Luke Menard- I just can't get that "You save big money at Menard's" tv jingle out of my head.

8. Chikezie- needs to bring back his last name.

9. David Hernandez- had the unlucky draw of having to perform first, be one of three Davids, and one of a few male contestants with Latin backgrounds. He is probably going to be the Rudy Cardenas of 2008.

10. David Cook- I was expecting more from him vocally. I get the impression that he hates everyone else who is on the show with him.

11. Danny Noriega- like Jason Castro, also sounds like a Latin American dictator, but less talented. I thought he was pretty bad and not that there is anything wrong with it, but he makes Colton Berry look macho.

12. Jason Yeager- What in the world were you thinking?

So, I am on the record in thinking that Jason's and Danny's stays on American Idol should be short ones. But who do I think will be eliminated? Well, I think Jason is very likely to go, but Danny Noriega has the support of Vote for the Worst, as well as a potentially heavy turnout from San Francisco and some other locations. I do not think he will make the top 6 guys, but he probably will last at least one more week. So, as mentioned, I think David Hernandez, who had to perform first, and was not all that great, is going to kind of get lost in the shuffle and be eliminated.

All in all, to me it seems very likely that the top 6 I had for this week among the males, will be the six that advance to the bigger stage.

The females, many of whom were apparently sick this week, as I can certainly relate right now, performed on Wednesday night:

1. Ramielle Mulubay- extremely good in my opinion and and as Randy Jackson pointed out very well controlled and professional seeming.

2. Syesha Mercado- very talented and charismatic

3. Carly Smithson- she once had a record deal of course under a different name and is very talented, as she demonstrated during Hollywood week. I wasn't too crazy about her song choice this week though.

4. Alaina Whitaker- pretty good and considering her age and all, will probably do pretty well in this competition.

5. Asia'h Epperson- all in all, pretty good. The girls had more solid performances in total than the guys did.

6. Kady Malloy- I don't know, it was just alright, but not as bad as the judges thought, in my view. She's over 18, right?

7. Amanda Overmyer- I think she is very talented, but is going to eventually come across as a one trick pony. This week, she did not even sing as much as the others because her performance included a guitar solo from a band member. She does seem like she would be the most fun to party with however and I am pretty certain she could kick the asses of some of the male contestants, perhaps more than one at a time.

8. Brooke White- decent enough

9. Alexandrea Lushington- pretty good I suppose. I do not even know how to type that accent mark in her name. Why is it that the females have such crazy names to spell with all sorts of accent marks and apostrophes and whatnot?

10. Amy Davis- which one was she again?

11. Kristy Lee Cook- Blame it on the bronchitis I guess.

12. Joanne Borgella- I never expected her to be the worst one. Based on what I remember from the auditions, she was really good and I thought she would probably make it to the Top 12, but she just fell flat this time.

So, Joanne and Kristy Lee or Kathy Lee or whatever her name is should be eliminated this week. I think Joanne probably will, but will give a slight edge to Amy Davis to be sent packing instead of KLC.

Looking at the bigger picture, I am pretty sure that my top five from this week will represent the ladies in the Final 12, with probably the next four battling it out for the last spot.


At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Corey, this is PJK and I just got back to the house from studying a Spanish 2 quiz for tomorrow.

Do you know if they got rid of both Amy Davis and Joanna Borgella yet ?


P.S., I see Ramiele winning the Idol title, becoming Florida's 1st Idol winner (this is the revenge of Jasmine Trias like Jordin's landslide win was the revenge of the Big-bone girls).


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