Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Super Bowl LI Result

From Houston, Texas


New England Patriots (16-2) vs. Atlanta Falcons (13-5) L

Super Bowl Result: 0-1 (0%)
Final Results: 122-141 (46%)

Falcons finish 13-6
Patriots win title at 17-2

I have never been less interested in a football season since I was a young child. Nonetheless, I was hoping for the Falcons to beat New England in the Super Bowl and for a while, I truly believed it had happened, but wow, what a comeback or a chokejob or whatever you want to call it. Congratulations to worthy champions, but what a devastating turn of events for Atlanta sports fans. As a former long-suffering Cubs fan (back when we had no choice but to be long-suffering), I just feel nothing but sympathy for them.

Since October, my interest in sports has waned a bit, since the ultimate thrill as a fan came true. Nothing will ever compare with extra innings of Game 7 of the World Series, even the first ever Overtime of a Super Bowl, especially since my main team was not involved.

Keep hope alive though Falcons fans, I have learned that if you are loyal enough to your team, anything is possible.

In the meantime, the Legend of Brady and Belichek and the Patriots continue. Go figure. The guy with the reputation for being unethical, and married to a foreign model, was completely counted and somehow won.

They can thank the coin toss though. Whichever team won that for Overtime was probably destined to score a touchdown and end a game. Not since Hillary Clinton won all sorts of coin tosses a year ago in Iowa was there such a valuable coin toss. (By the way, great to see President and Mrs. George H.W. Bush on the mend and part of the festivities in their town in Houston. They are great Americans and a throwback to when an Administration of honor and decency held office.)

Since Tom Brady is still playing at a high level, I will be quite pleased if the Patriots decide to trade their backup Quarterback, Arlington Heights, Illinois native Jimmy Garrappolo to the Chicago Bears, starting a new era in the Windy City (and replacing another Trump backing QB whom I defended for too long). After all, it's been a long time since the Bears have brought a championship back to Chicago.


At 3:31 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

Corey: Who do you see the IL Dems recruiting to run against IL Governor Bruce Rauner (R) in 2018 ?

He can take a page out of the playbook of Walker (WI), Scott (FL), LePage (ME) & Brownback (KS) on how they survived dreadful approval ratings & won reelection in their respective states.

At 6:39 PM, Blogger Corey said...

I will be talking about the mid-terms next year.

Right now, it looks like the frontrunner for Democrats in Illinois is Chris Kennedy. He has talked about running for office every two years, but never has until now, but time will tell if he will actually stay in the contest. There will be other candidates as well.

There is an even richer guy named J.B. Pritzker who is looking at running and is thought to be Obama's choice, but he said something yesterday about how everyone should use the opposite sex's bathroom in protest that was probably a very major gaffe that would be impossible to overcome in a campaign.

Rauner is not popular but the entire election is a proxy war with House Speaker Michael Madigan, who has been fighting with Rauner since Day 1. Madigan is far more unpopular statewide, so Rauner may have a chance.

At 5:25 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

That means IL State AG Lisa Madigan (D) will be waiting on Durbin to retire from the United States Senate in 2020.


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