Sunday, May 11, 2014

American Idol Top 4 Results

Who should have been eliminated: Alex Preston
Who I predicted would be eliminated: Jessica Meuse
Who was eliminated: Jessica Meuse

So, things went exactly as I suspected on Thursday night. Several weeks ago, I listed Alex, Jena Irene, and Caleb Johnson as the front-runners to take the season, and all are still in the game.

I would have assumed that Jessica knew her elimination was coming this week, but she seemed to take it hard after it was announced. She is a talented singer but I think she probably needed to win the show in order to get signed right away. I hope she does well for herself. Considering all the drama she encountered in Hollywood week, especially with the "stage mom" saying that America would never vote for her, a fourth place finish is not bad at all. While Jessica is missing out on an official Idol Homecoming Visit to Slapout, Alabama, I am sure the people in her hometown are proud of her. She said in the past that she would either be a successful musician or a broke one, so she now has every opportunity for relative success due to Idol and at least should not be broke, if she is wise with her Idol paycheck.

Departing from the West Coast, the final three visited their hometowns this weekend and not having heard any news related to the trips, I guess I will have to find out on the show this week. One is from the South, one is from the Northeast, and one is from the Midwest. There was probably strong local support for all of them, but if past Idol voting history is any clue, it should bode well for Caleb of North Carolina winning in a couple of weeks. I have stated that I think he deserves to win, but I somewhat fear it is also possible that the contestant I think is the third best vocalist left, will become the first ever East Coast winner, simply because he is still a white guy who plays a guitar.


At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Conservative Democrat said...

Corey, I do NOT see Alex making it to the Final 2, he'll get destroyed either way:
Jena Irene-55



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