Sunday, July 30, 2006

An Introduction

Hello from the Land of Lincoln!

Well, it looks like I have finally done it.

I have actually joined the Legion of Losers who have their own blog.

Wow, this is a proud moment.

Rest assured though, that I will be taking this blog somewhat less seriously than others.

Many of you who come across this may know me from my stellar posting in the comments section of Ron Gunzburger's Politics1. com, a worthwhile and informative site (in spite of becoming increasingly caustic and left-wing) that I have been visiting since 1997.

I have decided to create this waste of space on the internet because there are now officially 100 days left to go before the 2006 midterm elections, and I want to have a centralized place to store a little something I will call the "Race of the Day."

In this feature, I will go through the states, purely in alphabetical order, and write (hopefully brief) comments on the races on those states for Governor and United States Senate. Once I finish with that about 69 days from now, I will then start with all 435 House races by state in alphabetical order, probably several states at a time. And no, don't worry my fellow political junkies, I will not be discussing *every* one of those 435 races in detail.

This blog, at least at this time, is not a place for discussion of the news of the day, etc, it is purely a place for people to read my analysis of the various 2006 races and to weigh in with their own comments. There are lots of other places to look on the internet for updated political news, but that is not my intention. Some of these races discussed will be occurring after party primaries have determined the candidates (such as Alabama), others (such as Alaska) will be discussed in advance of a primary. That is just a factor to consider, but I am doing this purely in alphabetical order.

I will also be posting these every day (hopefully) in the comment section of I will do the best I can to have these posts be as accurate as possible in terms of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and lack of typos, but perfection is hard to achieve, especially as I try to find the time to keep up with all of this in the midst of a fairly busy day-day to life.

Everybody is human, and if I happen to make any sort of factual error (remember disagreeing with me does not count as an "error" on my part), please help me correct the record by leaving a comment in that section or by sending me an email.

As I continue to ramble here, let me point out the obvious.....

These posts will be what I see happening in these states and in these races. Not necessarily today or tomorrow, but on Election Day, 100 days from today.

I write these with the full understanding that as a proud, partisan, and unyielding Republican, who literally bleeds GOP Red, I cannot help but be less than impartial. I want Republicans to win every single one of these races. I am rooting for that to happen, but as someone who has been really into politics for the past 18 years, and who happens to have a degree in the field, I realize that will not happen.

So, hopefully, I will be able to reach that balance where it appears clear that while I want Republicans to win everything, I will tell it like I see it, in the various analyses.

If you agree or disagree with how I see things, I welcome your input either at Politics1 or at the comments here. I have to figure out if I am tech savvy enough to install haloscan for comments now. I am amazed I got this far.

Well, thanks for your attention and hopefully I will not get sick of this in just a couple days.....


At 3:03 PM, Blogger Corey said...

This is the first comment on my new, stupid blog, because if it does not come from me, it might feel neglected.

At 12:43 PM, Anonymous Mike in Maryland said...

So Democrats are blue-bloods? I've heard that term applied to the current GOP president's family.

Hopefully you can follow through on your "Race of the Days" all the way; the Politics 1 posters from Wyoming and Wisconsin must have been getting disappointed. In any event, I welcome the prospect of being able to discuss the races and predictions without having to wade through all the extraneous matter (and some of the moronic participants) at that site.

Clever name, BTW; I almost thought you had taken over CQ (Congressional Quarterly) Politics for a moment. :)

At 1:56 PM, Blogger Corey said...

Very insighful Mike!

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Todd said...

The Legion of Losers? I prefer to think of it as the Legion of Lame. Thanks for checking in.


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