Monday, May 31, 2021

U.S. House Special Elections

Back on March 19, I correctly predicted the ultimate result of two special elections in Louisiana, in easy to determine districts. However, I will note that I was wrong that Republican Julia Letlow could win without a run-off. Indeed, she did and was immediately election to Congress.

Tomorrow, a special general election will take place in New Mexico, and later this summer, a run-off between two Republicans in Texas. The other vacancies will either formally be filled in November or next January, so I will be holding off on predictions for now.

New Mexico 1

vacant upon resignation of Deb Haaland-D
(won by Biden with 60% of vote)

Likely D


Texas 6

vacant upon death of Ron Wright- R
(won by Trump with 51% of vote)

Safe R- Likely (Susan) Wright


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