Friday, March 19, 2021

U.S. House Special Elections

There are currently a handful of vacant Congressional seats and I am always sure to "predict" every House race.
Tomorrow, voters in two Louisiana districts will cast votes in very crowded fields. Technically speaking, if someone gets over 50 percent of the vote, in either district, they will be elected to Congress. That is why I have to do this post today. However, that is virtually uncertain to happen (even more so than #15 Oral Roberts upsetting #2 Ohio State earlier today), so there will be runoffs late next month. However, I might as well "call" those districts, and then will formally predict the other special elections later this year. Of course, I will also do detailed write ups this fall on Gubernatorial contests in New Jersey and Virginia, and it also looks like there will be a California Gubernatorial recall election to discuss. First though, will be American Idol season.

Louisiana 2
vacant upon resignation of Cedric Richmond-D
(won by Biden with 75% of the vote)

Safe D/Leans Carter

Louisiana 5
vacant upon death of Rep-elect Luke Letlow- R
(won by Trump with 64% of the vote)
Safe R/Likely (Julia) Letlow


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