Friday, January 22, 2021

NFL Conference Championships


Overall Results: 141-124 (53%)
1. Buccaneers (13-5) at Packers (14-3)

I do not exactly relish rooting for Tom Brady or his new Tampa Bay team. After all, he has won plenty before and Tampa Bay has already done very well sports-wise during the pandemic. Nonetheless, I will strongly be rooting for them to win on Sunday and become the first ever NFL team to have a true home game in the Super Bowl. Why? They are playing the Green Bay Packers and the Green Bay Packers are the epitome of evil in the Western World.

2. Bills (15-3) at Chiefs (15-2)

Going back to my childhood, these were (along with the Broncos) my favorite AFC teams. Last year, (in what feels like a different century) the Chiefs ended one of the most durable droughts in professional sports by winning the Super Bowl. In many ways, their fans deserve another one and if they win on Sunday, I will be all in on hoping for a repeat in February. However, I remember watching the Bills lose four straight Super Bowls (I wanted them to win three out of the four) and that was some serious Chicago Cubs level pain for those fans. Now, Buffalo has another chance and I will want to see them get it done.


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