Monday, January 07, 2019

NFL Wildcard Weekend Results


1. Colts (10-6) at Texans (11-5)  W 1
2. Seahawks (10-6) at Cowboys (10-6) W 2
3. Chargers (12-4) at Ravens (10-6) L 1
4. Eagles (9-7) at Bears (12-4) L 1

Wildcard round Results: 2-2 (50%)
Overall Results: 131-127 (51%)

Seahawks finish 10-7
Ravens finish 10-7

Texans finish 11-6

Bears finish 12-5

As a fan of the Chicago Bears, this was a pretty tough loss. I thought they had a great chance to win this game and they indeed should have. It all came down to a Field Goal attempt by what has been an inconsistent Kicker all season. Many feared that such a scenario could cost us a playoff game and that is indeed what happened. That position must be solidified for the future.

The big picture is that this was a great NFL season for the Bears, even if much of the fun is now gone from the remainder of the tournament. I did not expect them to necessarily win the Super Bowl this season, but it would have been good to see them get a step or two closer. All this was accomplished though with a rookie Head Coach, a virtual rookie at Quarterback, and the youngest team in the NFL.

The Bears are light years ahead of where they were last year at 5-11 and the year before that at 3-13. After four consecutive last place division finished, the Bears did take the NFC North and look poised to do so again for perhaps four years in a row.

My experience as a lifelong Chicago sports fan is that when our teams ultimately win the title, it comes with some postseason disappointment first, which only serves as a learning experience, a callous of sorts, making the ultimate victory all the sweeter.

The Chicago Bears are headed in the right direction and I will be patient.


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