Monday, March 12, 2018

2018 U.S. House Special Elections

Before our typical look at the midterms, starting this summer, there is the matter of the special elections for current U.S. House vacancies which will occur before then. Tomorrow night, there will be much attention placed on a district in Western Pennsylvania. I will predict that race here, as well as getting the other two out of the way. Major props to former Rep. Tiberi for being the one Republican out of these three to not have to resign due to a sex scandal.

Pennsylvania 18

vacant upon the resignation of Tim Murphy (R)
won by Trump with 58% of the vote

Tossup (D)

Arizona 8

vacant upon the resignation of Trent Franks (R)
won by Trump with 57% of the vote

Likely R


Ohio 12

vacant upon the resignation of Pat Tiberi (R)
won by Trump with 52% of the vote

Leans R


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