Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Super Bowl LII Result

Minneapolis, Minnesota

New England Patriots (15-3) vs. Philadelphia Eagles (15-3) W 1

Patriots finish 15-4

Eagles win the Super Bowl and finish 16-3

Congrats to Philly! It was an exciting game, although not much defense was played. I can certainly understand how Eagles fans have long waited for this day to come.

The quick turnaround for the Eagles with a new offensive minded coach and a highly drafted QB should give hope to the Chicago Bears in the next few years (although it was backup Nick Foles who had to take the reins at QB and won Super Bowl MVP in what was certainly an interesting story)

Super Bowl Result: 1-0 (100%)
Overall non-prediction results: 121-146 (45%)

Now, it is on to Baseball season!


At 2:36 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

Corey: It was a good high-scoring offensive shoot-out!

As a lifelong staunch san Francisco 49ers fan, I congratulate Philly on winning the Super Bowl.

This was a HUGE win for the NFC, who badly needed to break the recent drought.

At 4:17 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

Corey: On the US State Governor's Mansion: how many Governorships do you see the GOP likely losing in November ?

NM is likely going back to the Dems after 8 years of Governor Susana Martinez (R), whose unpopular.

MI is a WILD CARD because of the MI Dems ability to screw it up.

FL is another WILD CARD & the FL Dems have a tendency to screw this up.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

Corey: "American Idol" is BACK & now on ABC, having premiered last night with 2-hour premiere.

Tonight's another 2-hour episode on the Auditions.


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