Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NFL Week 15 Games

These are very exciting times for fans of Chicago's professional sports teams. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bears of the NFL are not part of that equation. It has been a very disappointing season, after so much hope when it all began. There's always next year.

Nonetheless,  the NHL Blackhawks and the NBA Bulls both look like title contenders this year, and fans of both baseball teams in the Windy City have to be very pleased with the transactions made this week during the MLB Winter Meetings. As a Cubs fan, I am very pleased that Jon Lester chose to come to the North Side, and the future looks very bright indeed at Wrigley Field. Praise Theo!

However, I woke up happy about Jon Lester and then quickly heard the news that Illinois's recently reelected Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka had died suddenly at the age of 70. She was a political legend in the state and I voted for her a total of 10 times in either primaries or general elections for Treasurer, Comptroller, and Governor. I had also met her several times and was proud to have volunteered for her campaigns. Even though I am a good deal more conservative than she was, she was an honest and hard-working public servant who represented the GOP in Illinois well. Needless to say, she was a very colorful character and will be greatly missed. RIP, JBT.


Now, that the Bears are officially out, I suppose I can just vote my conscience on all these games.

1. Cardinals (10-3) at Rams (6-7)
2. Steelers (8-5) at Falcons (5-8)
3. Redskins (3-10) at Giants (4-9)
4. Dolphins (7-6) at Patriots (10-3)
5. Raiders (2-11) at Chiefs (7-6)
6. Texans (7-6) at Colts (9-4)
7. Bengals (8-4-1) at Browns (7-6)
8. Jaguars (2-11) at Ravens (8-5)
9. Packers (10-3) at Bills (7-6)
10.  Buccaneers (2-11) at Panthers (4-8-1)
11. Jets (2-11) at Titans (2-11)
12. Broncos (10-3) at Chargers (8-5)
13. Vikings (6-7) at Lions (9-4)
14. 49ers (7-6) at Seahawks (9-4)
15. Cowboys (9-4) at Eagles (9-4)
16. Saints (5-8) at Bears (5-8)


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