Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Complete U.S. Senate Predictions

21 Days Until Election Day

Alabama- Safe R
Alaska- Leans R- change from Tossup (R)
Arkansas- Leans R
Colorado- Tossup (R)- change from Tossup (D)
Delaware- Safe D
Georgia- Leans R
Hawai'i- Safe D
Idaho- Safe R
Illinois- Safe D
Iowa- Tossup (R)
Kansas- Tossup (R)- change from Likely R
Kentucky- Leans R
Louisiana- Leans R/Leans Cassidy
Maine- Safe R
Massachusetts- Safe D
Michigan- Leans D
Minnesota- Leans D
Mississippi- Likely R
Montana- Safe R
Nebraska- Safe R
New Hampshire- Leans D
New Jersey- Safe D
North Carolina- Tossup (R)
Oklahoma A- Safe R
Oklahoma B- Safe R
Oregon- Likely D
Rhode Island- Safe D
South Carolina A- Likely R
South Carolina B- Safe R
South Dakota- Leans R- change from Likely R
Tennessee- Safe R
Texas- Safe R
Virginia- Likely D
West Virginia- Likely R
Wyoming- Safe R

Total Senate races predicted: 12 D (7 Safe, 2 Likely, 3 Leans,), 24 R (11 Safe, 3 Likely, 6 Leans, 4 Tossup) 
Predicted total: 46 D, 54 R (net Republican gain of 9)


At 9:53 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

I've got the GOP picking up the following:
1.) Iowa (open)
2.) South Dakota (open)
3.) Montana (open)
4.) Alaska
5.) Colorado
6.) Arkansas
7.) North Carolina
8.) West Virginia (open)
9.) Louisiana


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