Monday, October 13, 2014

Complete Gubernatorial Predictions

22 Days Until Election Day

With just over three weeks to go, I am now listing all of my predictions on the contests for Governor, as well as changes from my initial outlook during Race of the Day. I will continue to update predictions, as necessary, up until the day before the Election. I will update and list Senate predictions tomorrow, and then later this week, will begin listing predictions for all 435 U.S. House races.

Alabama- Safe R
Alaska- Tossup (R)- change from Likely R
Arizona- Leans R
Arkansas- Leans R
California- Safe D
Colorado- Tossup (D)- change from Leans D
Connecticut- Tossup (D)
Florida- Tossup (R)- change from Leans R
Georgia- Leans R
Hawai'i- Leans D- change from Tossup (D)
Idaho- Safe R
Illinois- Leans D- change from Leans R
Iowa- Likely R
Kansas- Tossup (R)- change from Tossup (D)
Maine- Tossup (D)- change from Leans D
Maryland- Leans D- change from Likely D
Massachusetts- Tossup (D)- change from Leans D
Michigan- Leans R
Minnesota- Leans D
Nebraska- Likely R
Nevada- Safe R
New Hampshire- Likely D
New Mexico- Likely R
New York- Safe D- change from Likely D
Ohio- Safe R
Oklahoma- Likely R
Oregon- Likely D
Pennsylvania- Likely D
Rhode Island- Tossup (D)
South Carolina- Likely R
South Dakota- Safe R
Tennessee- Safe R
Texas- Likely R
Vermont- Safe D
Wisconsin- Leans R
Wyoming- Safe R

Total Gubernatorial races predicted: 15 D (3 Safe, 3 Likely, 4 Leans, 5 Tossup) , 21 R (7 Safe, 6 Likely, 5 Leans, 3 Tossup)
Overall predicted total: 22 D, 28 R (Democrat net gain of 1)


At 9:48 PM, Blogger Steve Boudreaux said...

Corey, I have the GOP picking up governorships in IL, AR, CO.

Dems only get Florida.

Pennsylvania: Corbett will get reelected.


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