Wednesday, September 03, 2014

NFL Week 1 Games

62 Days Until Election Day
and 151 Days Until the Super Bowl

On Wednesdays, I will be taking a break from Race of the Day coverage to list each week's NFL games. I do this every season, and it is important to note that I am not making predictions, but am simply stating which teams I want to win the games. It should be pretty easy to figure out that everything I hope to happen will be in order to best benefit the Chicago Bears, whom I am expecting big things from this year. When two AFC teams play each other, I pretty much just go along with which team I "like better." In order to have as many days left as possible to discuss politics here before the election, I am only going to be planning to do these posts once a week. So, next Wednesday, I will list the results of the game and preview Week 2.

I have decided that I will have no problem using the team name "Redskins" for the purpose of this blog.


Obvious results thus far: 0-0 

1. Packers (0-0) at Seahawks (0-0)
2. Saints (0-0) at Falcons (0-0)
3. Vikings (0-0) at Rams (0-0)
4. Browns (0-0) at Steelers (0-0)
5. Jaguars (0-0) at Eagles (0-0)
6. Raiders (0-0) at Jets (0-0)
7. Bengals (0-0) at Ravens (0-0)
8. Bills (0-0) at Bears (0-0)
9. Redskins (0-0) at Texans (0-0)
10. Titans (0-0) at Chiefs (0-0)
11. Patriots (0-0) at Dolphins (0-0)
12. Panthers (0-0) at Buccaneers (0-0)
13. 49ers (0-0) at Cowboys (0-0)
14. Colts (0-0) at Broncos (0-0)
15. Giants (0-0) at Lions (0-0)
16. Chargers (0-0) at Cardinals (0-0)


At 7:17 AM, Anonymous Conservative Democrat said...

Go San Francisco 49ers Go !!!!!!!!!!!!


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