Saturday, August 09, 2008

Race for the White House- 8/9/08

87 Days Until Election Day

Before convention season begins and before the running mates are unveiled, the two week Olympic Games have commenced in Beijing China, and many believe this will cause the frenzy of Presidential politics to take a back seat. Barack Obama has gone to his native Hawai'i for a week's vacation, Brett Favre has gone to New York (and this received about as much attention this week as anything else), John Edwards took advantage of the Olympic opening ceremonies to admit a much talked about in the tabloids affair (while denying that he fathered a "love child") and one has to wonder just what would be going right now on if Edwards had happened to have won the Democrat Presidential nomination. But alas, Edwards' political career now appears to be over, if not forever, then for a very long time.

Perhaps somewhat significantly, the Edwards scandal hitting the mainstream media completely overshadowed any hope of attention to be played to Hillary Clinton's first solo campaign apperance on behalf of Obama. The news yesterday of Russia invading its neighbor of Georgia may also turn out to be signficant and place some increased emphasis on foreign policy in the election.

While Obama is on vacation, John McCain may turn out to have the national stage to himself, at least to the extent that people will be focused on politics. He continues to hammer Obama through negative television ads, and in fact is plannin to narrowly outspend Obama on the airwaves during NBC's Olympic coverage. With the polls continuing to show an extremely close race, the next couple weeks could work to McCain's advantage in trying to gain a point or two any way he can, especially since once the conventions are over, and he takes the public financing, he will be at a great financial disadvantage.

The back and forth between the candidates this week, on the airwaves, on the stump, through press releases, and through surrogates continued hot and heavy but the week may have actually been won by Paris Hilton, who was of course featured in a McCain tv ad not long ago (and who it might be worth noting Barack Obama used to compare his celebrity to back in 2005). Ms. Hilton released a video reply to all the hubub surrounding and offered up an energy plan of her own, which the public seems to have fallen behind, as both the Obama and McCain camps have rushed to embrace aspects of it. In fact, Paris's plan for both offshore drilling and utilizing new technologies does happen to be pretty close to what McCain is suggesting.

So kudos to Paris Hilton for impressing many Americans in what will certainly be her second most talked about and viewed internet video appearance.

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