Sunday, July 06, 2008

Veepstakes- Volume 6

1. Mitt Romney- former Massachusetts Governor and 2008 Presidential candidate (1)- has been mentioned in a couple recent articles as the "front-runner" for the job.

2. Rob Portman- Former OMB Director and former Ohio Congressman (2)

3. Christopher Cox- SEC Chairman and former California Congressman (3)

4. Tim Pawlenty- Minnesota Governor (4)- Minnesota may be tough to deliver this year, but the man has cut his mullet nonetheless. That is dedication!

5. Eric Cantor- Virginia Congressman (10)- I think it gets to be more of a longshot for this list at this point and below, but the Cantor thing, which would be seen as "bold", sort of like when Mondale picked Ferraro in 1984 could be looking a bit more realistic.

6. John Thune- South Dakota Senator (new)- Thune is said to be pretty high on McCain's list and could be seen as an "alternative" if he decides he cannot go with Romney.

7. Bob Riley- Alabama Governor (6)

8. Fred Smith- CEO and President of Federal Express (new)- if McCain wants to go with an "outside the box/business leader" type, this could be the guy. I have seen it mentioned a couple places.

9. John Kasich- former Ohio Congressman (8)

10. Bobby Jindal- Louisiana Governor (9)

I am dropping the always long-shot possibility of former Oklahoma Congressman J.C. Watts, basically because he has been quoted as having not ruled the possibility that he might vote for Obama. I would be shocked if he did, but off the list he goes!

Finally, congratulations are in order to another potential McCain running mate, Florida Governor Charlie Crist on his impending marriage.


At 3:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Romney adds a net nothing to the ticket; his negatives at least approximate the positives.

McCain NEEDS Alaska Gov Sarah Palin (if he wants to win in November) — whose positives are too numerous to mention here (with no negatives).

– and don’t cite Palin’s lack of experience, since she’s got 10 times that of Obama!!!

At 4:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dont get me wrong Ted, I love Sarah Palin and am very happy what shes doing for the Alaska GOP. But McCain picking her as VP months after giving birth I think is very unlikely.



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